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Transfer in Russian Rubles


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  • Permanently deleted user
    Community manager

    Hi Gelfiya Shchienko, what we at Mintos can comment - is that for receiving RUB our only condition is that it is sent from an EU bank. We have had investors that sent from Sberbank branches in the EU and had received the funds as usual. However, transfers from Russian branches will not work. We've also seen investors using Paysera. Please note, this is not a suggestion or advice to use any specific service.

  • Gelfiya Shchienko

    Huge thanks, Annija, this is very helpful. 

  • ThomasMuller

    Sie können jetzt überhaupt keine Überweisungen mehr tätigen, weil alle russischen Banken sanktioniert wurden, lesen Sie darüber auf reddit, wenn Sie nicht auf dem Laufenden sind!


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