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Mintos should re-evaluate CAPITAL SERVICE recovery plan


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  • Dave Harrington

    It certainly stinks...from the was Capital Service has used the pandemic as an excuse to weasel out of its repayment obligations to the way Mintos are redistributing the payments....I don't know whose getting anything back but it ain't me.

  • Janusz Kacalak

    I didn't get anything from them yet either..

  • Janusz Kacalak

    @... - is it true that they are expanding their business using Mintos borrowers' money? Did they pay according to plan in May? Which loans are paid back first? The oldest ones?

  • Mintos
    Good karma

    Janusz Kacalak they are transferring borrowers' repayments to investors on Mintos. The current plan is created with the concept of investors on Mintos to be able to receive funds (which they are - Capital Service is making regular payments in both EUR and PLN) faster, therefore the amounts are relatively smaller, yet providing the company opportunity to perform the functions like debt collection for them to be able to collect th repayments and transfer them back. It is slow, we know, and do appreciate the patience. Yet at this time we rather receive funds sooner, than go into prolonged procedure should we push immediately for higher repayments and possibly drive the company into liquidation. At this moment, the company is operating and we monitor the possibility to increase the monthly repayments. Once that is feasible, the repayments will be increased (as it is also according to the agreement we had with the company). 

  • @... Wouldn't it be more fair to equally recover all funds in recovery from the moment a lending company defaulted/gets suspended. In my opinion, this would improve transparency for every single investor without the need to disclose personal information. Furthermore, all loans that are pending at suspension will be equally distributed. I am wondering what you think about a pro-rate recovery plan for funds in recovery opposed to the current first due-first paid in recovery, which leaves many without anything but some with everything if lucky that their loans were repaid first.

  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager

    Hi Wilhelmus Johannes Antonius Arts,

    Recovered funds are repaid according to the Repayment order (waterfall of payments rules) is also stipulated in the General Terms of the Platform User Agreement clause 10 Payment for the services of the Platform and payment waterfall. As well as assignment agreements describe how funds are paid to the investors. We make distributions to investors in line with those contracts. Where the law would make it an imperative requirement for the settlement of debt to occur proportionately to all investors, it would happen so.


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