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Dziesiątka Finanse


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  • Lucja (Mintos)
    Community moderator

    Drogi Panie Wiesławie,

    Dziękujemy za Pana komentarz. Ta informacja jest zdecydowanie nieprawdziwa - Dziesiątka Finanse nadal ma zadłużenie wobec naszych inwestorów. Jeśli posiada Pan jakikolwiek dowód otrzymanej od nich wiadomości e-mail (np. zrzut ekranu), gorąco zachęcamy do udostępnienia go nam pod adresem support@mintos.com.


    @... - is there a way to settle a realistic repayment plan with them? (Something similar to what happens with Capital Service where they repay substantial chunks of investors money each month) In the last few months Dziesiątka Finanse repaid almost nothing..

  • Annija (Mintos)
    Community manager


    The nature of the lending company’s management position is holding us back in reaching an agreement that would be in the interests of investors. At this point, the lending company, as well as its advising company, has not reacted to constructive discussion and our requests for information making the debt collection process slightly more complicated and prolonged. Each Case with each lending company is different. Please see the latest updates here: https://www.mintos.com/en/funds-in-recovery-updates/


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